5 Tips for Landing Your First Squarespace Developer Role

So you've mastered the basics of Squarespace and now you're ready to take your skills to the next level. You've built a few sites for friends and family to gain experience, but now you want to start earning a living as a Squarespace developer. The good news is, the demand for Squarespace experts is growing. The platform's ease of use and stylish templates have made it a popular choice for small businesses, bloggers, and creatives to build an online presence without needing to code.

To land your first paid Squarespace developer role, you'll need to showcase your skills and experience. But don't worry, with some preparation you can position yourself as an attractive candidate. Here are five tips to help you land your first Squarespace developer job.

5 Tips for Landing Your First Squarespace Developer Role

Build Your Squarespace Skills and Expertise

To land your first Squarespace developer role, you need to build up your skills and expertise. You can begin going with the following advice:

Focus on becoming an expert in Squarespace. Learn the ins and outs of building websites on the platform, including using templates, customizing designs, integrating ecommerce, setting up blogs, and more. Study the Squarespace help guides and watch tutorial videos to strengthen your knowledge.

Practice your skills by building some sample Squarespace websites. Create sites for local businesses, nonprofits, or your own personal portfolio. This hands-on experience will make you a strong candidate for entry-level roles.

Stay up-to-date with the latest Squarespace features and apps. Squarespace is constantly improving their platform and releasing new templates, integrations, and tools. Follow Squarespace on social media or subscribe to their blog to keep your skills and knowledge fresh.

Consider becoming a Squarespace Circle member. The Circle program provides exclusive resources for learning Squarespace, as well as opportunities to connect with other members and Squarespace team members. Membership can help accelerate your learning and open doors to new roles.

With continuous learning and practice, you'll gain the expertise to land an exciting new job as a Squarespace developer. Keep honing your skills, build eye-catching sample sites, and tap into the Squarespace community. In no time, you'll be designing beautiful, professional websites for clients.

Create a Strong Squarespace Portfolio

To land your first Squarespace developer role, you need to show off your skills. The best way to do that is by creating an awesome Squarespace portfolio. Here are some tips to build a portfolio that will impress any hiring manager:

Focus on quality over quantity. Curate 3-5 of your best Squarespace sites that demonstrate your abilities. For each site, include details on the goals, challenges, solutions, and results.

Showcase your design skills. Employers want to see that you can create visually stunning and user-friendly Squarespace sites. Choose sites that highlight your eye for design, use of multimedia, and mobile-responsiveness.

Highlight your development chops. Don't just show the front-end, demonstrate how you can customize Squarespace sites under the hood. Explain any third-party integrations you built, custom CSS or JavaScript you wrote, or APIs you connected to.

Share metrics and testimonials. Back up your claims by including metrics like traffic, conversion rates, or rankings for your sites. And ask happy clients if you can include positive testimonials about their experience working with you.

Keep your portfolio up-to-date. As you complete new Squarespace projects, add them to your portfolio. Not only does this show your experience is growing over time, but it gives you an opportunity to revisit and improve your older sites.

With a strong portfolio that spotlights your design skills, development abilities, and results, you'll be well on your way to landing an exciting new role as a Squarespace developer. Build it, and the offers will come!

Network and Connect With Other Squarespace Developers

Networking with other Squarespace developers is key to landing your first role. Here are some tips to connect with others in the field:

Join the Squarespace Community Forum

The official Squarespace Community Forum is a great place to start. Introduce yourself in the “New Members” section and start engaging in discussions in the “Developers” category. Answer questions from less experienced members and ask more seasoned developers for advice. Make genuine connections by starting conversations, not just promoting yourself.

Look for Local Meetups

See if there are any Squarespace meetups in your area. Local meetups are ideal for making in-person connections and learning from more experienced developers. Search on Meetup.com or ask in the Community Forum if anyone knows of events near you. If there aren’t any meetups, consider organizing one yourself. It’s a great way to become a leader in the community.

Follow Top Developers on Social Media

Follow leading Squarespace developers and agencies on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. By liking and commenting on their postings, you can interact with them. Some may follow you back and become part of your network. But don’t just spam them with promotional messages—build genuine relationships by providing value. For example, you might share one of their blog posts or case studies with a thoughtful comment.

Offer to Help Other Developers

One of the best ways to network is by helping others in your field. For example, you might offer to help a developer in the Community Forum who’s struggling with an issue you have experience with. Or reach out to local web studios and ask if they need any freelance help with Squarespace projects. Helping others is a great way to build connections, gain experience, and possibly find new clients.

With time and effort, networking and connecting with fellow Squarespace developers will lead to new opportunities. Keep putting yourself out there, providing value to others, and maintaining genuine relationships. Your first developer role will come before you know it!

Apply for Squarespace Developer Jobs on Career Sites

Once you’ve built up your Squarespace development skills and portfolio, it’s time to start applying for jobs. Some of the top sites for finding Squarespace developer roles include:


With over 675 million users, LinkedIn is the largest professional network on the planet.Many companies post Squarespace developer jobs on LinkedIn, so set up a strong profile highlighting your skills and experience. You can then apply directly to listings that interest you. LinkedIn also allows you to join relevant groups to network, like Squarespace Developers.


Indeed is one of the most popular job sites, with over 250 million visitors each month. They have listings for both full-time and part-time Squarespace developer jobs from companies around the world. You can filter results by location, experience level, job type and more. Indeed’s simple one-click apply feature makes it easy to submit your information to multiple openings.

Squarespace Experts

Squarespace Experts is Squarespace’s official job board for vetted Squarespace professionals. Companies looking to hire Squarespace developers post jobs here, and you must meet certain skill and experience criteria to be listed in their directory. While jobs may be more competitive, it’s a great way for top talent to find work with reputable clients.


Flexjobs specializes in part-time, flexible and remote job listings. This can be an excellent resource for finding Squarespace developer freelance work or side gigs. Over half of the jobs on Flexjobs offer part-time, flexible or telecommuting options. They thoroughly screen each listing to ensure its legitimacy before posting. Membership plans provide access to their curated job database and other useful tools.

  • Don’t forget to also check general freelance marketplaces like Upwork, Fiverr and Toptal for Squarespace developer jobs and clients.

  • Set up job alerts on the major sites so you’re notified as soon as new openings are posted that match your search criteria.

  • Be prepared for technical assessments, coding tests and interviews as part of the application process. Do your research to shine!

With the growing popularity of Squarespace, more and more opportunities are emerging for developers. Persistence and patience will pay off in landing your first role. Keep honing your skills, build connections, and the right job for you is out there.

Don't Be Afraid to Reach Out to Squarespace Agencies Directly

Don't be afraid to reach out to Squarespace agencies and studios directly to express your interest in working with them. Many are open to meeting with candidates even without current job openings. Take the initiative to start building relationships and get your name on their radar.

Do Your Research

Research some of the top Squarespace agencies and see if they have information on their hiring process or if they accept open applications. Check to see if they list any job requirements or skills they commonly look for so you can be prepared. See if they have an active social media presence and engage with them there as well. The more you know about them, the more targeted your outreach can be.

Reach Out Politely

When you're ready to reach out, send a polite email expressing your interest in their company and desire to work with them as a Squarespace developer. Mention a few projects you've worked on and your relevant skills. Ask if they'd be open to meeting for an informational interview to learn more about what they do and see if there might be an opportunity to work together in the future. The worst they can say is no, but many will appreciate your enthusiasm.

Be Persistent (But Not Pushy)

Don't get discouraged if you don't hear back right away or receive a few rejections. Keep reaching out to other agencies and studios. You might need to follow up a few times to get a response, but avoid being pushy. Reach out periodically to express you're still interested in working with them if any opportunities arise. Make personal connections at Squarespace meetups and conferences. Networking and persistence can pay off.

Consider a Trial Project

If an agency is open to it, offer to do a small trial project for them on a contract basis. This allows them to see what you can do without a long-term commitment. Do great work for them and it could lead to a permanent role. At a minimum, it gives you experience and something to add to your portfolio.

Putting in the effort to build relationships with Squarespace agencies and studios is one of the best ways to find new opportunities. While they may not have openings now, making a good impression and staying on their radar could lead to your first role as a Squarespace developer down the road.


So there you have it, five tips to help you land your first Squarespace developer role. While the competition may be fierce, if you focus on building a strong portfolio, networking, learning the platform inside and out, and promoting your skills, you'll be well on your way. Remember, every role you apply for is an opportunity to get experience interviewing and build your confidence.

Even if it takes time, stay determined and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Before you know it, you'll be customizing templates, developing new features, and helping clients create beautiful, user-friendly websites. You've got this! Maintain a positive attitude and keep moving forward. There is a job for you waiting in the world.


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